The story behind Konnections Certification Inc. is to connect our next generation of young adults with our business community. In recent years of community involvement and networking, we began to notice that there wasn’t anyone under 30 years of age attending the networking events. Rewarding those that overcome their fears and “get out there,” will earn them an industry recognized certificate in networking!

To earn a certificate: Attend 40 pre approved networking events in a six month time period ~ Excellent for resumes and Applications.

Benefits for young adults: Learn, practice and master industry recognized essential networking skills. It provides the opportunity for long term career connections. Earn a certificate recognized by future employers on resumes.

Benefits for business community: To assist with essential networking skills of our future workforce. Opportunity to give back through experience.

Published by Kimberly Krause

I believe in our next generation! I'm so excited to start a business and non profit named Konnections Certification Inc.... encouraging our young adults to get out and network!

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