Shaking Hands with Coachella Valley’s Finest

There are many things necessary to support a community. As we at Konnections know, there are a few characteristics that represent solid networking: Konnectee (Next generation practicing in-person people skills), a Champion (sharing information about one of our supporting businesses), and “Village” (business community building and interacting with the future workforce). We had the pleasure of witnessing all of these at the Desert Business Association Mixer!  It was an amazing occasion.

For starters, are Konnectees got the chance to shake hands with the Coachella Valley’s finest. Next, Elder Love USA got a shout-out for their massive contribution our wisest community members. And finally, our very own Alyssa Nieto showed encouragement by highlighting the value of Elder Love and Konnections. The reception from all of the attendees was nothing short of amazing. We were so grateful to be a part of it!