Konnectees Volunteer at the Annual Cathedral City State of the City

Things are starting to heat up both literally and figuratively! As June gloom begins to set in for many communities around the world, we are reminded to be grateful in the sunny valley we get to call home! One of the many ways we express this gratitude is by connecting with one another at the many events held by our beloved Chambers of commerce! This week, the Konnections team had the opportunity to celebrate the successes of our community leaders, while managing to introduce a few fresh faces of our own!

Our Konnectees had the opportunity to shake hands at Cathedral City’s State of the City; an event orchestrated with the help of Greater Coachella Valley Chamber or Commerce. Shaking the hands of experienced community builders, the group had the chance to share their hopes and dreams. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn how to achieve them!

This week, Konnections Certification Inc proudly certified three future community leaders! Melody, a Junior at Coachella Valley Highschool, aims to apply her new networking skills to the field of behavioral health. Her younger sister Hailey – a freshman at CVH – is also excited to maintain these valuable business relationships. Max, described as an individual with an outgoing spirit, is the third trailblazer of the group! All three have exceeded expectations, and they will undoubtedly apply these new wonderful skills to communities of their choosing.

It is truly remarkable to see these three hard-working members of the community grow with purpose! In a world of screens, it can be a bit scary to go out there and form new relationships. Yet, we would not have anything to appreciate without sharing ideas with those who care to listen! Melody, Hailey, and Max now have the tools to build on whatever they aspire to do in the future. In addition to their wonderful families, they all have massive networks that will help them on their journey towards success. That’s such a  magical thing.

Congratulations to our new certified Konnectees!